Hubei continues to "shut down" Dongfeng company's resumption of work time is difficult to determine

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2022-09-23 09:42

The date of resumption of work in Hubei Province is approaching, but the traffic between the cities in the province has not been unblocked. Several internal employees of Dongfeng subsidiaries told CRRC that full resumption of work still needs to wait for notification. Under the shadow of the epidemic, Dongfeng Group, a leading Hubei enterprise in the eyes of the storm, is almost in a state of stagnation in procurement, production, logistics, and sales. The impact of operations.

Donated more than 60 million yuan of money

On February 10, major enterprises across the country resumed work one after another, but Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dongfeng Group), which is based in Hubei Province, is not working normally, and is still on the front line of the epidemic.

As of the date of publication, the data provided by relevant people of Dongfeng Group to showed that Dongfeng Group and a number of its subsidiaries donated a total of 61.18 million yuan to Hubei. Among them, donated 51 million yuan in cash, and the total value of donated materials was 10.188391 million yuan. In addition, Dongfeng Travel set up an emergency convoy on January 24 to provide free services to targeted communities.

Affected by the epidemic, Dongfeng Group, while fully advancing the spirit of being responsible for central enterprises, also fell into a passive situation because it was unable to carry out work normally.

"The state stipulates that companies in Hubei will go to work on February 14, but every city in Hubei is closed, and public transportation has not been closed. Everyone can't get out, whether it is to Wuhan, Shiyan, or Xiangfan. "We have to wait for notice to go to work." An employee of Shenlong Automobile in Xiantao told CRRC that even though the start of the work day, it is still difficult for Dongfeng people to work normally. "Some positions can work from home but work in factory manufacturing positions. Employees will not be able to work from home. If the factory starts to operate while the epidemic has not been controlled, the epidemic may be more serious. "

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