The era of electric vehicles has arrived? The core competitiveness of this game is very clear, not much can be done!

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2022-09-12 15:34

The electric vehicle market is getting darker and hotter. One circle is the endless advancement of craftsmanship to cultivate the sustainability of the future development of Lianli Motors. Another one is that electric vehicles can increase people's economic pressure. There is a major effect of chasing persimmons. However, electric vehicle technology is still being developed today, although there are little achievements, but there is still little way to go about the period when Qi is easy to access and electric.

From the appearance, the electric car is nothing more than changing the engine and gearbox of the fuel-burning car to battery and electromechanical. It was originally fuel-consuming, but it is now changed to consume electricity. But that tampering has changed the automobile products and the future changes of the automobile property chain, and the most important one among them is the achievement of the central cooperative force.

Changes to the entire car center

After a car is lifting its meaning and brand price, the most worthy of recognition is the idea of ​​power warfare. 60% of the most important resolutions for burning automobile products in the power circle are in the motivation and gearbox. Noble automobile products often mean more and more arduous power systems, which will definitely demand more expensive power system costs. In electric vehicles, the idea of ​​electric can accomplish the traditional functions of the popular masses, and it also has overall obedience. That means that it is difficult to make a huge difference in the technical ideas of electric cars.

The removal of the company's products will be said from scratch

Three years of burning cars: two of the engine, gearbox, and chassis are going to disappear on electric vehicles, but the supply of the engine and gearbox is hundreds of thousands, which means Those suppliers must stop the transformation in order to adapt to the changes in the car, and stop to explore the new category. In the trial stage, a large part of the supply chain of electric vehicles is composed of new battery and electrical supplier. More importantly-because the battery will become the main component of the vehicle, so it will also occupy the lowest cost of the vehicle (at this stage), so the cost of the product of the vehicle will be promoted upwards. . When choosing the word house, it is compared with the motivation technology of the car companies that each of them had tightly controlled in the past. The battery technology was created by the battery factory, and the car companies are actually full of poor battery technology skills. That is the battery as the most central whole component, and the short time can easily become the central protection of the cooperation of the car companies. The demand is created by the battery suppliers, and the use of unified batteries by the car companies is also more common. In this situation, the dividends of car companies can only land.

As for the presentation of this kind of situation, car companies are also expected. Facing the situation that the product differentiation is getting smaller and smaller, and the dividend can only land, the root part is the change of the whole part. Facing the situation that the cost of the traditional power system cannot stop more changes, there is a need to find new costs to break the heart.

At present, the demand is concerned about the achievements such as the charging of the dead air battle.

Today's electric vehicles are still better than those without fuel. Although there are some models on the market that can reach 600km +, but the price is very high in a circle, and the battery utilization in another circle is still to be seen. Real battle to detect. In that circle, it is said that the silkworm has learned the lesson, and in the battery circle, it has been able to dismantle and rebuild the system of power stations and exchange orders, and provide a very good charging and replacement service system.

The one-year feature of the park is that all the products in the series are supported for power replacement, which means that the battery pack of each car can be changed repeatedly, which effectively handles the use of the consumption of the love plow pool. The obvious side is that the future car battery may be a small piece. After the test battery is being detected, the test battery can be replaced indirectly.

Promote the strange characteristics of the brand, constitute a strange cooperation

At this stage, the unique characteristics of electric vehicles are the fact that Tes pushes the battle, and the two have different central cooperation forces. The cooperation force of Tes pushes is highlighting its intelligent driving technology and its three electric technology. In the battery management system circle, Tes push is undoubtedly the leader. It is a miscellaneous work to be able to combine the characteristics of education with a completely different battery (battery pack). It is very perfect, no matter it is charging or discharging, there are perfect shelters. The foresight in the battery management circle also brings Tex to the disadvantage of super charging stations that exceed other brands.

It is said that the parking company has adopted the three electric technology. It is said that the park is upgrading the battery pack of the same size twice within three years, from 70kWh to 84kWh and then to the CTP technology to achieve 100kWh. The combat mileage has been continuously upgraded; in the electromechanical circle, it is said that the self-produced synchronous electromechanical warfare is electromechanical, and it is used in the ES6 and the new ES8. Of life. In terms of hardware, NIO Pilot, FOTA, smart cockpit and other hardware talents included in NIO OS have greatly enhanced the Yingyu experience.

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